Cool Acoustic Electric Blues Guitar Lick

Cool Acoustic Electric Blues Guitar Lick

Today we’re going to learn a nice and smooth acoustic/electric blues guitar lick that you can add to your guitar licks vocabulary and use freely in your soloing and improvisation.

Blues licks are small soloing ideas that you can use and learn from. They are designed to expand and upscale your soloing skills. The licks are used in blues music but also in rock, country, jazz and other styles of music. The licks and styles are all intertwined.

I used to collect licks from every where and anyone. I always bought all the guitar magazines and videos there were available at the time and learn all the licks I could find. It was all about the cool licks. It was the fast way to learn and incorporate all the cool chops and techniques into my playing. Even now, I’m still looking.

You can play the blues lick in the video over an A7 chord, over an A7 Blues progression or blues shuffle. You can also transpose the lick to any key you like by moving the entire lick up or down the fretboard.


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