Top 25 Best Pop Songs for Classical – Spanish – Nylon String Guitars

Top 25 Best Pop Songs for Classical – Spanish – Nylon String Guitars

Yes! Today we have a great list of pop songs specifically written for the nylon string guitar, classical guitar and Spanish guitar.

While you can also play these songs on an acoustic guitar, (and vice versa), they just sound profoundly better when you play them on a nylon string guitar. The classical, Spanish and nylon string guitars provide that warm and mellow sound that make these songs really come alive, and give them that special touch and feel.

In classical and flamenco music nylon strings are a prerequisite, but in pop music steel string is more common, so I thought it would be a good idea to put these songs in the spotlight and give them the attention they deserve.

Each song title in the list below contains a Youtube link to the original song. The “Chords” or “TABS” link will take you to the chords, tabs and lyrics and the “More Chords/TABS” link will show you the official transcribed TABS & Chords for more songs from the same artist.

Enjoy and have an amazing one!

1 – Tears in heaven – Eric ClaptonTABSMore Chords/TABS

2 – Fragile – StingTABSMore Chords/TABS

3 – 93 million miles – Jason MrazChordsMore Chords/TABS

4 – Is there anybody out there – Pink FloydTABSMore Chords/TABS

5 – Spanish guitar – The DoorsTABSMore Chords/TABS

6 – Jolene – Dolly PartonChordsMore Chords/TABS

7 – Have you ever loved a woman – Bryan Adams & Paco de LuciaTABSMore Chords/TABS

8 – Heartbeats – José Gonzales TABS

9 – Belle – Jack JohnsonTABSMore Chords/TABS

10 – Keep Your Head Up – Ben HowardTABS

11 – Private Investigations – Dire StraitsTABSMore Chords/TABS

12 – Shape of my heart – StingChordsMore Chords/TABS

13 – Bamboleo – Gispy kingsChords

14 – The Entertainer – Chet AtkinsTABSMore Chords/TABS

15 – Classical Gas – Mason WilliamsTABSMore Chords/TABS

16 – Suzanne – Leonard CohenChordsMore Chords/TABS

17 – Big Love – FleetwoodmacTABSMore Chords/TABS

18 – Meditaranean sundance – Al di Meola & Paco de LuciaTABSMore Chords/TABS

19 – Beautiful people – MelanieChordsMore Chords/TABS

20 – Hotel California – The Eagles – “Hell Freezes over”TABSMore Chords/TABS

21 – The blood – The CureTABSMore Chords/TABS

22 – Nine Million Bicycles – Katie MeluaChordsMore Chords/TABS

23 – 7 days – Craig DavidTABS

24 – Silent Lucidity – QueensrycheTABSMore Chords/TABS

25 – I’ll always be right there – Bryan AdamsTABSMore Chords/TABS

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